Why Regent University?

I transferred into Regent University from a state school. My experience at Regent has been so different from a public school because the professionalism and value of Christian character that inspires people to excellence. I have received so much personal attention to my goals, I have no doubt this choice is a factor in my future career success.

Why Online Learning?

Online Learning is great because it is so convenient!
Click-in, click-out and class is over for the day. I have been able to save hours of my time while still being able to engage with the learning experience because of . I think online learning holds is large part of the future in education.

Why An English Degree?

Most people don't think of English as a bona-fide major. A
classmate once told me, "All we English majors do is study truth and beauty all day." I could not agree more. As an English major, I have been able to critically think and determine truth and beauty.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Spring Break in the Dorm?

Regent University just finished Spring Break 2010. Students arrived back on campus after a much needed 10-day break before another eight weeks of grueling coursework ending with everyone's favorite finale - summer.

I found myself on a plane flying home to Denver to recoup from January and February's class load which was particularly challenging and included terrors such as British and American literature classes. I am sure someday when I am a 40-year-old deep in a riveting career it will be British literature that I look back on and realize it changed my life. Just kidding, as my mother used to say, there are somethings that if you don't laugh about you will probably cry about. I am sure that deep analyzations of "Porphyria's Lover" and other British poems are most definitely what she was referring to.

Denver was happy to receive me for a few days where surprisingly, the weather was much better than it was in Virginia Beach over Spring Break. What was even better was that when I left Denver I was happy and rested and full of new ideas about life. Some of these ideas were crazy like "I should try to finish 36 credits this year to graduate in May of 2011" and yet others were a little bit more rational like "I think I want to go to law school."

I don't know about you, but I have the next twelve months carved out for me. More than I like to admit, in college this is a really good feeling. One that is rare and should be treasured because personally, I don't think I have felt in four years. On toward the LSAT! And happy spring break to you whether you have had yours yet or not.

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