Why Regent University?

I transferred into Regent University from a state school. My experience at Regent has been so different from a public school because the professionalism and value of Christian character that inspires people to excellence. I have received so much personal attention to my goals, I have no doubt this choice is a factor in my future career success.

Why Online Learning?

Online Learning is great because it is so convenient!
Click-in, click-out and class is over for the day. I have been able to save hours of my time while still being able to engage with the learning experience because of . I think online learning holds is large part of the future in education.

Why An English Degree?

Most people don't think of English as a bona-fide major. A
classmate once told me, "All we English majors do is study truth and beauty all day." I could not agree more. As an English major, I have been able to critically think and determine truth and beauty.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Back By Popular Demand

“Why don’t you blog anymore?” I was asked way too much last semester. Normally when I am hit with this question I am in a public place waiting for coffee or fresh out of a government class and the only response I can pull from my brain is the truth – “I am just too busy.”

Being too busy to write is being too busy to think – too busy to eat, too busy to sleep. Eek. Good thing last semester is over. Here I rest, a brand spanking new 23 year-old (as of January 1) descending into graduation and back to writing my blog because people have requested it. That feels good! Its nice to know at least some people read my stuff!

This year at Regent has been entirely different than last year with new experiences editing the Daily Runner. I have learned an incredible amount about people and industry and what careers I am likely to never enter.

Life changes. As my friend Kristen tells me, “It doesn’t get any better after you graduate. From here on out, things just continue to constantly change.” This golden nugget of truth divulged over ceasar salad at Panera Bread did not particularly calm my inexperienced self, but none the less confirmed what I have learned living in four different states and two different countries in the last four years – things change.

Instead of quoting some consoling bible verse that eases the sting and anticipation of change, I would rather leave this blog open ended, as if change is worth allowing. It is wave worth riding. I don’t know if I am ready for this next phase of life, but I didn't think I was ready for Regent. Regent was ready for me.

And I think that is the perspective I will choose when searching for jobs – the world is with opportunity for the one who is open to finding it. Opportunity exists for the man who looks for God's will as he searches for that one open parking space at a packed amphitheatre 20 minutes after the concert has started.

I am so excited for what God has in store.

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  1. I'm so glad you're back... being one of the million people who've asked you to get back on your blog ;) hahaha I'm following you!